Common Knowledge is a project that promotes wild edible and medicinal plant education through a visual vocabulary of plant illustrations accessed through interactive and participatory learning tools. It is a cultural platform for sharing cross-cultural information and engaging with children and adults alike. Common Knowledge advocates for an increased awareness of our natural environment while promoting the idea that plant knowledge should exist as common knowledge. We conduct workshops, construct installations and have created card games, and activity-based coloring books. All printed imagery contain common healing plants that are found in the environment in which the workshop or installation is held or wherever a Common Knowledge product is sold. 

This project is an idea rooted in “green” philosophies, alternative pedagogies, nutritional activism and the principles of a gift economy. With our ever-increasing interest in alternative andnatural healing Common Knowledge intends to propagate multi-cultural conversations around our ages-old symbiotic relationship with the plant world, which provides us with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual sustenance. Common Knowledge will operate regionally and has started its journey by showcasing plants found in every city of the north eastern US. These species are strong, resilient and actively work to restore nutrients to damaged city soil. They also are not only superior in nutrition but are an example of strength, resiliency, endurance and perseverance against the conflicting odds of an urban landscape. Perhaps they can help guide us to do the same. 


“The more something is shared, the greater the value becomes.” - Robin Wall Kimmerer. This project is my gift as an artist to increase the awareness of the enormous gifts of the plant world.