Our Mission

 Common Knowledge believes that our disconnection from what thrives along our foot path is at the root of cultural and environmental degradation. Our goal is to restore the importance of place based identity through reestablishing reciprocity with the land, especially within the urban domain. We propagate these intentions through collaboration, guided plant tours/ workshops and through our activity-based educational tools.

Whether these species were or still are used as medicine, food, dye, cordage or building material CK is a platform for sharing cross-cultural information about how we have lived symbiotically with these green allies throughout the centuries. Common plants and their incredible virtues should once again be part of common knowledge. This endeavor currently focus on plants found within the urban landscapes of the Northeastern United States.

“The more something is shared, the greater the value becomes.” - Robin Wall Kimmerer. This project is my gift as an artist to increase the awareness of the enormous gifts of the plant world. Read more…



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