Our Mission

“We give to the land and the land gives back. Without the care for the land we get sick.” - Tao Orion from Beyond the War on Invasives

Our goal is to restore the importance of place-based identity through reestablishing reciprocity and stewardship with the land, especially within the urban domain. We propagate these intentions through collaboration, guided plant tours, workshops and activity-based educational tools.

Whether used as medicine, food, dye, cordage or building material, Common Knowledge is a platform for sharing cross-cultural information about how we have lived symbiotically with our green allies throughout the centuries. The incredible virtues of “common” plants should once again be part of common knowledge. The thirteen plants found growing in every region across the world are: dandelion, mallow, purslane, plantain, thistle, amaranth, dock, mustard, grass, chickweed, clover, lambsquarter, and knotweed all of which are the focus of this project. “These special plants contribute to the regeneration of the earth while supporting the survival of our human species; they grow everywhere where human civilization exists, from the hottest deserts to the Arctic Circle, following the path of human disturbance. Indeed, the more humans disturb the earth and put our food supply at risk, the more these thirteen plants proliferate. It’s a survival plan for the ages.” - Katrina Blair from The Wild Wisdom of Weeds Read more…



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