Common Knowledge is a project meant to promote the education of edible/medicinal plants via a visual vocabulary printed on and accessed through components of interactive learning with things like workshops or installations, card games, and activity based coloring books but also through the daily use of household objects. All imagery printed on these objects, or used in coloring books or installations are of common healing plants that, for example, can be found in the environment in which the workshop is held or wherever the product is sold. 

This project is a platform for sharing information which advocates for human health and the consciousness of what exists in our natural environment. Common Knowledge is an idea rooted in ‘green’ philosophies, alternative pedagogies, nutritional activism and the principles of a gift economy .“The more something is shared, the greater the value becomes.” - Robin Wall Kimmerer. This project is my gift as an artist to increase the awareness of the enormous gifts of the plant world and provide a cultural platform for plant knowledge to become Common Knowledge.