Urban Wild: Coloring and Activity Book

Urban Wild: Coloring and Activity Book

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Urban Wild is a coloring and activity book that engages adults and children alike in the imagery of wild edible medicinal plants that flourish abundantly in every city in the Northeastern United States. Like all Common Knowledge products, it is a platform for sharing information about our natural environment while advocating for human health and an active awareness of our surroundings.


64 pages to color, a full color glossary of each plant pictured on the inside cover, an I Spy game, room to draw plants you've found and more!

Here's what people are saying:

“In an age where more than half of humanity lives in cities, Urban Wild is timely and important… Its message of interacting with wild edible and medicinal plants respectfully, sustainably, and deliciously..... will resonate with all ages. Along with the exquisite illustrations, there are accurate identification and usage details. Highly recommended.”

- Leda Meredith, author of Northeast Foraging and of The Forager’s Feast

“Alyssa Dennis's dynamic drawings perfectly capture the exuberance of urban vegetation. When most people look at these plants they see weeds and neglect, what Dennis sees is beauty and health. Her drawings show how urban plants can help city dwellers develop a harmonious relationship with nature in spite of all the concrete and steel. Dennis's wonderful drawings call to mind the ground-breaking 1503 watercolor, Great Piece of Turf, by the Renaissance painter Albrecht Dürer, that opened people's eyes to the wonders of the natural world at their feet.”

- Peter Del Tredici, author of Wild Urban Plants of the Northeast: A Field Guide

“Urban Wild is a unique, inspiring, and strikingly gorgeous coloring book. It is crafted out of passion for wild plants of the city and will inspire any student of plants, or indeed of life itself, to observe and interact with the myriad forms of green life that abound in an urban landscape. This book invites us to observe and appreciate these wild plants (aka weeds), to get to know them in more intimate detail, and to learn to use them for food and medicine.”

- Robin Rose Bennett, herbalist, teacher and author of Healing Magic: A Green Witch Guidebook to Conscious Living

This book is a tasty delight. It brings grace and whimsy to the urban landscape while also presenting beautiful and scientifically accurate illustrations of some of our dearest plant friends and allies. It is a book that celebrates the knowledge and love of place and joyfully encourages readers, colored pencil in hand, to view their cities with the same informed passion and will. Urban Wild will suit everyone from the plant-blind city dweller to the most experienced herbalist."

-Jenny Hauf, farmer and co-founder of Muddy River Herbals

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